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Vale has sold Hydro shares

The Brazilian mining company Vale S.A. announced on Monday that it would offer Norsk Hydro ASA shares through a wholly owned subsidiary. 407,122,241 Hydro shares were sold using a book-forming process.

Upon completion of this transaction, provided there is no over-allotment option, Vale has reduced its wholly owned subsidiary from 447,834,465 shares to 40,712,224 shares through its wholly owned subsidiary, which corresponds to a reduction in Hydro's stake from 21.6 percent to 2 , 0 percent of the shares issued. This means that the proportion drops below the 5 percent limit specified in Section 4-2 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.

If the over-allotment option is fully exercised, Vale will no longer hold any shares in Hydro.

The shares sold by Vale have been acquired by some investors.

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