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Alberto Fabrini appointed head of Bauxite & Alumina

Alberto Fabrini has been appointed to the Executive Committee and Head of the Bauxite & Alumina Business Unit at Norsk Hydro ASA. Fabrini, currently Head of Operations in Bauxite & Alumina, will take up the new position on June 1st.

“As a Brazilian by birth with international experience and an impressive track record in various parts of the aluminum value chain, Fabrini is the right man for the leadership position in the Bauxite & amp; Alumina, "says Svein Richard Brandtzæg, Hydro's Chief Executive Officer.

“After integrating our Brazilian assets into the group, we are now focusing on increasing and stabilizing the mining of bauxite and the production of high-quality aluminum oxide, as well as reducing costs. Thanks to his previous achievements, Fabrini has the prerequisites to lead the optimization process and the increase in production to a higher level, "says Brandtzæg.

Fabrini studied mechanical engineering, environmental management and global management and has extensive experience in the aluminum industry, including senior management positions in Brazil and internationally in the areas of bauxite mining, aluminum oxide production and aluminum production.

The current head of the Bauxite & amp; After 36 years with Hydro, Alumina Johnny Undeli takes on the role of special advisor to the Chairman of Hydro's Executive Committee and remains a member of the Board of Directors. Undeli held various senior positions at Hydro, most notably in the Extruded Products business line, which he headed until, after Hydro took over Vale's aluminum business, he headed the Bauxite & amp; Alumina took over.

Fabrini becomes a member of the Executive Committee as soon as he becomes head of the Bauxit & amp; Alumina takes off.

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