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Hydro donation helps Grevenbroich to reforest

Our Grevenbroich rolling mill is using its Christmas donation this year to support the city of Grevenbroich in reforesting - because the storm "Ela" had caused severe damage to the trees in the city this year.

“After the bad storm, we were happy to help clear up the storm damage with our device, our own employees and contracted specialists. Now we reaffirm this support and give the city 10,000 euros as a donation for reforestation, ”said plant manager Dr. Stefan Kästner. He handed over the donation to Mayor Ursula Kwasny, along with a five-year-old Nordmann fir with root balls.

Kwasny thanked the Hydro warmly. Frank Wadenpuhl, head of the Fostverwaltung, explained how much the donation helps: & nbsp; "15 hectares have been flat since 'Ela'. We need & nbsp; almost 30,000 plants to restore the city forest. And this donation means a good third of it. ”Simon Schubert from the Garden Department has been dealing with the storm damage almost alone for months and was happy about the support from Hydro.

Wadenpuhl and his helpers are currently planting, among other things, pedunculate oak, hornbeam and & nbsp; Cherries. "The Nordmann will also get his good place," the chief forester promised.

Overall, it takes years of work and a lot of plants to get tall, strong trees again. Wadenpuhl: “Around 5,000 plants need to be planted for 150 such trees. Protection from game is then just as important as ventilating the area a little more every two years. ”

He also receives help from Hydro: As part of the new "Social engagement" learning program, trainees from the aluminum rolling mill can actively help the forest administration for months, a few hours each week.

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