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Hydro-aluminum for electricity in the Azores

The Rolled-Vision team is working on establishing aluminum foil in lithium ion batteries that store electricity. With the Swiss battery manufacturer Leclanché, our battery film now comes to an island in the Azores.

The aluminum foil looks like aluminum foil, and it also feels like household foil - but it is a product of the highest purity and manufacturing precision. Hydro customer Leclanché uses this and other parts to manufacture special lithium-ion titanate battery cells in its German plant in Willstätt.

Such batteries still mainly come from Asia. "But we are very happy that our customer Leclanché succeeds in expanding his production more and more," says sales manager Willli Schenkel.

Above all, the current “Graciosa” project on the island of the same name in the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean should bring more business for Leclanché electricity storage as a reference object. A micro network with a regenerative power plant is being built on the island in a unique combination of solar and wind energy, including battery storage. It is intended to increase the share of renewable energies in the island's annual energy consumption from 15 to 65%. Leclanché supplies battery cells for 3.2 megawatt hours.

The process at Leclanché: the film runs from the roll over rollers, is thinly coated and cut to size. The same thing happens with a copper foil. The two electrodes of a lithium-ion battery are ready.

With the new system, the island municipality of Graciosa can significantly reduce its dependence on heavy oil imports thanks to storable, environmentally friendly energy. The storage system for renewable energies in the megawatt range is unique in the world and will be a reference for islands and remote communities in the future.

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