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Hydros Rheinwerk stabilizes the power grid during the solar eclipse

Hydro's Rheinwerk aluminum smelter switched off the power several times last Friday. The plant in Neuss helped to compensate for the failure of solar power plants during the solar eclipse over Germany.

Upon request from the regional network operator, Hydro switched the electrolysis off four times - at 10:45, 11:00, 11:15 and 11:45 a.m. and then on again after a few minutes. The systems worked trouble-free and the production operation was stable again after a short time.

“We relieved the electricity grid by 247 megawatts of electricity, roughly as much as all households in Neuss need. In this way, our plant helped to keep the power grids stable during the solar eclipse, ”said the head of the Rheinwerk, Jan Peterlic, and thanked everyone involved for the good work.

The aluminum smelters of Trimet in Essen, Hamburg and Voerde were also temporarily turned off today. Franziska Erdle, managing director of WirtschaftsVer Vereinung Metalle, said that the flexible burden of the industry was an important factor in maintaining the energy supply in Germany. “The regulation on loads that can be switched off has proven itself. Our industry has made a significant contribution to network stability today. ”
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The regulation on loads that can be switched off regulates short-term power interruptions in industrial companies. The aim is to increase network stability and ensure security of supply.

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