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Forskerfabrikken (“the Science Factory”)

We are a partner of Forskerfabrikken (“the Science Factory”), a social entrepreneurship initiative started in 2002, that aims to increase the understanding of and interest in industry and technology among children and teenagers.

Forskerfabrikken initiative (“the Science Factory”)

Forskerfabrikken offers courses and summer school programs in research and mathematics in all counties throughout Norway. In addition, the company is working to strengthen science education in kindergartens and schools by running courses for teachers. As a result, Forskerfabrikken has inspired more than 100,000 children to engage in science and math through its courses since 2002. Together with Hydro, they have arranged 47 weeks of summer camps which has been attended by more than 1,100 children. 

Technology and innovation have always been a cornerstone for Hydro’s success, and through Forskerfabrikken’s fun and fascinating approach to science, we believe children can be inspired to put away their screens and explore the world around them. There will always be a world of opportunities behind the surface of science, and we need future generations to help us shape tomorrow’s knowledge.  


By building competence and interest in science, technology, engineering and math the project offers activities carefully designed for sensory stimulation and collaboration between adults and children that develop social skills and foster creative and scientific thinking. Along with the courses, each pupil receives a detailed description of activities and how one can explore the wonders of science in a fun and entertaining way.

Number reached

In the past years, the initiative has reached over 300 students per year. In association with Forskerfabrikken, we’ve also trained teachers and staff to be part of the program.

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