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Hydro Lucé

Hydro’s aluminum recycling plant in Lucé began operation in 1959. Today, Lucé delivers high-quality, recycled aluminum products to key extruders in France mainly for building, construction and automotive industries

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  • Number of employees: 45
  • Began production: 1959
  • Production: 62,000 mt/year of recycled aluminum extrusion ingot
  • Products/specialties: Building and construction, transportation and automotive

The aluminium recycling plant features state-of-the-art technology for converting scrap metal into extrusion billet in sizes ranging from 7 to 11 inches in diameter. The plant includes a single casting line with batch homogenization line, with an annual production capacity of 62,000 tonnes.

More than 50 years of aluminium recycling in France.
Hydro has been involved in recycling in France for several decades: Over the years, Hydro Lucé have developed a strong relationship with French extruders, enabling the plant to recycle extrusion scrap, deliver spot billets with high quality and high quality services.

First plant in the FRANCE certified by DNV to produce Hydro CIRCAL®
In November 2022, Hydro Lucé was the company’s first plant in France certified to produce Hydro CIRCAL, a low-carbon recycled aluminium product containing at least 75% post-consumer, end of life scrap.



Livraisons: 42 rue de la Beauce

28110 LUCE

Bureaux: 5 rue des Gallarniers,

28110 LUCE

Karl Willart, Operations Director

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+33-237 25 13 00

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