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Hydro Aluminium Metal Årdal

Hydro's primary aluminium plant in Årdal produces metal on two prebake lines

Aerial photo of Hydro Årdal

Facts about Hydro Årdal

  • Number of employees: 567 
  • Production start: 1948 
  • Annual production: 204.000 tonnes primary aluminium, 279.000 tonnes casthouse products and 172.000 tonnes anodes 
  • Products/specialties: Primary aluminium, casthouse products, anodes, power production and R&D
We've been operating the plant since 1986. The site also includes a casthouse, delivering sheet ingot and foundry alloys, and carbon production. In addition, Hydro operates one of the industry's leading research centers in Årdal.


Hydro Aluminium AS Årdal

Postboks 303

Verksvegen 1


+47-57 64 90 00