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Bringing aluminium to Maracanã

Picture this: Brazilians rise from their seats as their national soccer team prepares to strike. We're at the legendary and aluminium-clad Maracanã Stadium.

Maracanã opened in Rio de Janeiro for the 1950 World Cup. It was refurbished more than 60 years later, in time for another World Cup and the Summer Olympics. Hydro delivered innovative aluminium solutions for the project.

Extruded aluminium components on facade and entry doors

Today, Maracanã is dressed with extruded aluminium components on its main façade and entry doors. In fact, the renowned venue contains more than 50 metric tons of aluminium solutions delivered by our manufacturing plant in Itu, near São Paulo.

Aluminium solution inclusive structure for solar panel

Hydro has supplied aluminium solutions for other soccer stadiums as well, such as Arena Pernambuco in Recife and Governor Roberto Santos Stadium in Salvador. The project in Salvador included the supporting structure for the solar panels that generate energy for the stadium. The structure was built with anodized and machined extrusions.

Aluminium's many benefits

Consultants Crescêncio Petrucci and Luciene Longo handled the Maracanã project together with metal builder Grupo Paris and construction company Construtora Odebrecht.

“When I was in architecture school, there was a lot of disagreement between students about a lot of things, but one thing everybody would always agree on was the advantage of aluminium usage in our projects,” says Longo, who supported aluminium as the material of choice due to its strength, performance and beauty.

building exterior

Once that decision was made, Grupo Paris owner Amandio Nascimento says Hydro  became the clear choice as extruder because of its quality products and quality service.

“All customers are equally important, but with this project, we may have moved a little faster in meeting the deadlines and shipping the products within the tight specifications required,” says commercial manager Marcelo Santos of Hydro. “This is Maracanã.

The customers wanted an aluminium frame that will last and which is attractive to the eye.

Aluminium works well in sports arenas no matter the sport, the climate or the location. 

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