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aluminium chassis and recycled aluminium

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Driving the 1.5° economy: aluminium, recycling and you

Slowing climate change depends on companies and consumers choosing the right materials and the right products – and aluminium is part of the solution.

Trond Olaf Christophersen, who is Head of Recycling in Hydro, discusses how the aluminium industry can make the right choices about using clean energy to produce greener aluminium, while making it easier for customers to know where and how the products they’re buying were made and can be recycled.

Trond Olaf Christophersen
Trond Olaf Christophersen, Head of Recycling in Hydro.

“I think aluminium has key roles to play both as an enabler of limiting global temperature growth and reducing emissions,” Trond says in this episode of the Hydro Talks podcast. “And then, of course, the big the big topic is recycling – what you can do with these aluminium products after they've reached the end of their useful life.

“When the consumer is buying something and they can use their cell phone, for example, to read a QR code and get the actual carbon footprint for the actual product – that is also a key.”

You can hear more in the Hydro Talks podcast, “Driving the 1.5° economy: aluminium, recycling and you” and view other topics on the Hydro Talks page, where you will find links to Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts

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