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Hydro on the Dow Jones’ Sustainability Indices for the 21st consecutive year

Hydro’s ranking on the 2019 Dow Jones’ Sustainability Indices (DJSI) is down compared to 2018. Hydro is included in the DJSI Europe index and thus included in the DJSI for the 21st consecutive year.

The results of this year’s index were made public Friday. In 2018, Hydro was sector leader in the aluminium industry and a constituent of the DJSI World index - which is the most prestigious part of the index series. No aluminium company is included in the DJSI World index for 2019.

Hydro is recognized for addressing water related risks and human rights with a score well above 90 percent, compared to an industry average of 55 and 44 percent accordingly.

2019’s decline is largely attributed to the case concerning alterations of test records at the Sapa Profiles, Inc. facility in Portland, Oregon, USA. 

“Analysts are raising the bar for sustainability indices. We appreciate that we are regarded as one of the best companies on environmental and social reporting by DJSI and aim to step up our efforts in other areas to meet investors’ expectations”, says Head of Extra-financial reporting Kirsten Margrethe Hovi.

For more information on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, go to  Visit our sustainability pages to learn more about Hydro’s sustainability efforts

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