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Curtain equipment brand Aluproff selects Hydro CIRCAL to reduce the carbon footprint of their products

Aluproff has launched a new collection of products made from recycled, low-carbon aluminium from Hydro. The series is called SUSTAIN and is designed with sustainability and circularity in mind. By selecting Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminium, Aluproff has reduced the carbon footprint of the products.

The Danish curtain equipment brand Aluproff launched a curtain track series in 2021 consisting of low-carbon products. The series, aptly named SUSTAIN, has now been supplemented with additional products.

Aluproff solutions

By combining its Danish design legacy with a great environmental responsibility, Aluproff has designed a system of nine different aluminium tracks that will be made from Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminium, two of which have already been launched.

Driving positive change

The switch to Hydro’s brand for recycled aluminium, Hydro CIRCAL, has resulted in a significantly reduced carbon footprint of the products. Hydro CIRCAL is made with a minimum of 75% recycled post-consumer aluminium scrap. The carbon footprint of the recycled aluminium is 2.3 kilo CO2e per kilo aluminium extruded. Furthermore, all SUSTAIN tracks are powder coated at environmentally certified company, Dancolor, with coatings from Jotun.

“At Aluproff, we want to be a driving force for positive change without any compromise on quality, design, and functionality. It is possible thanks to climate-positive and circular materials like Hydro CIRCAL, as well as many other long-term environmental initiatives within our company. We’re very proud of SUSTAIN and committed to reduce climate change even more together with our customers, suppliers, and partners in the years to come,” says Thomas Trads Hansen, CEO of Aluproff.

Recycled and reliable

Hydro CIRCAL consists of aluminium from products that have reached the end of their lives. The aluminium comes from demolished buildings, soda cans, cars and similar. Hydro has some of the most advanced sorting technology in the industry, allowing the company to provide aluminium with a high share of recycled content for use in the extrusion process.

“Hydro CIRCAL is a perfect product for the circular economy and satisfies the needs of climate-conscious customers. More and more producers are looking at ways to reduce the embedded carbon footprint of their products, and using recycled aluminium can reduce the footprint significantly. Aluproff is leading the way in their industry and Hydro is happy to be part of their journey. We strongly believe that recycled aluminium products like Hydro CIRCAL are a building block of the future," says Jacob Reeckmann, Commercial Director at Hydro Extrusions North Europe.


About Aluproff: Aluproff is Scandinavia’s largest supplier of curtain hardware for professionals, both catering to wholesale customers and creating bespoke and made-to-measure curtain tracks and accessories. Since 1949, the company has combined innovative design and modern technology with Scandinavian craftsmanship. Aluproff designs and develops most curtain tracks and accessories in-house. All bespoke products are checked and finished by hand at Aluproff’s facilities in Brøndby, Denmark.

About Hydro Extrusions: Hydro Extrusions is a world-leading aluminium extrusion business counting around 100 production sites in 40 countries and employing 21,000 people. Through our unique combination of local expertise, global network, and unmatched R&D capabilities, we can offer everything from standard profiles to advanced development and manufacturing for most industries. 



Ulrika Kroon

Marketing Manager, Hydro Extrusions

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