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Iaso and PergolBlocks collaboration with Hydro

Specialists in Outdoor products, Iaso and PergolBlocks offer us their vision on the use of aluminum profiles and the collaboration with Hydro.


Iaso is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the textile architecture sector and Outdoor solutions for sun protection and outdoor accessories.
It has a wide range of parasols and pergolas whose structures are designed entirely in aluminum, highlighting the large dimensions they can reach.


Why aluminum?

“Aluminum brings lightness to structures and offers practically unlimited design possibilities, also allowing the integration of other elements in the profiles, such as lighting accessories. Furthermore, aluminum is 100% recyclable, infinitely many times and without deterioration of its properties, which helps us to offer more sustainable products ”.

Why Hydro?

“At Hydro we have a partner who is our ally in the development of new projects, especially in the design phase, where we have personalized technical support. Having a partner like Hydro, with resources throughout the aluminum value chain and the capacity to produce its own raw material, is important to us ”.


PergolBlocks presents a bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats that stands out for its kit installation format and the incorporation of functionalities such as lighting control through the App, or a bioclimatic sensor that acts according to weather conditions.


Why aluminum?

“Due to its excellent behavior against corrosion, aluminum provides advantages over other materials. With the right surface treatment, maintenance costs are reduced to practically zero "

Why Hydro?

"The technical advice we have during the design phase of our products is key to the success of our projects."

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