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Designing with aluminium

The infinite story of aluminium begins at the drawing board. Designing with aluminium states your intent to produce a great product with a strong, light, durable, environmental and design-friendly material.

Aluminium table with technical drawings

The material is the starting point that shapes the form and function of your product. We offer you more than 50 years of experience working with design and manufacturing of components in aluminium.

Technical guidance in aluminium design

If you are in the early stages of developing a product where you will use aluminium, our technically trained personnel are ready to assist you. We offer guidance on the designs that best suit your application and provide you with detailed advice on matters such as thickness, stresses and surface finish.

Making your ideas reality

In a simple way, discuss your profile idea with our experts who can show you the design possibilities with extruded aluminium. Screw ports, channels, drill grooves, snap-fit locks, decorative trim, friction patterns, anti-slip surfaces – there is no limit to the number of ideas where aluminium can be the solution.

Our list of supported design software includes:

  • AutoCAD
  • Cadra
  • Cocreate for Profile Design
  • Unigraphics NX
  • Helix Design System 3D
  • Inventor
  • Prototypes

Precision with hydroforming

In a single operation, hydroforming allows us to create complicated details with precision. It is also possible to add local details, such as studs or holes. This saves several processing steps, which can shorten lead times.


The key to a circular economy is planning for a product’s life cycle already at the drawing board, designing products in recyclable materials that last longer and that can be taken apart and recycled when no longer in use.

To show you, we decided to make a chair, with sustainability as the design brief.

Aluminium is a 100% recyclable material, and producing recycled aluminium requires only 5% of the energy required to produce primary aluminium.Chapter 1_Infographic_1.png

Therefore, we need to make sure all our post-consumer aluminium scrap can go back into the loop again and again.

Post-consumer aluminium scrap is like an unlimited energy bank and plays a vital part in the future of the circular economy.  

The eternal life of aluminium

Pre-consumer scrap is typically scrap that comes from the production process and has never been used before it is remelted again.

Post-consumer scrap is aluminium that has already lived a “life” – maybe in a window frame or a can – and has now been recycled to be turned into something new. The most CO2-efficient recycled aluminium products are the ones made from post-consumer scrap.

Illustrating cycle from pre consumer to post consumer scrap via new consumer products such as bicycles or beverage cans