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Season’s greetings to Save the Children

Hydro is making a special Christmastime contribution of NOK 500,000 to Save the Children.

For many years now, Hydro has been one of the most important supporters of the Norwegian chapter of Save the Children, which works on behalf of children's rights and well-being around the world.

"We support Save the Children quite simply because children are the future, regardless of where in the world they are," says Hydro's president and CEO, Svein Richard Brandtzæg.

"If children are to have a good, safe and secure childhood, parents and local societies must have the good circumstances for it. It's about development and sustainability. Children are the key."

Employees help too

Besides Hydro as a company, many employees have been making monthly contributions from their salaries.

The cooperation with Save the Children Norway goes back to 1986, when Hydro employees, on their own initiative, started making regular contributions from their paychecks. Following up on this grassroots activity, Save the Children started an employers' contribution program – which today includes more than 100 Norwegian companies.

In addition to an annual contribution and the employees' support, Hydro has been active in providing support during catastrophes like the Asian tsunami in 2004 and the Chinese earthquake in 2008.

Save the Children Norway was also among the charitable organizations Hydro made special contributions to in 2005, when the company celebrated its 100-year anniversary.

In the can

In Norway, Hydro produces aluminium cans filled with spring water for profiling purposes. The deposit is donated to Save the Children when the cans are returned for recycling.


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