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Data Privacy Officers (DPO)

Here you find a list of the Data Privacy Officers that has been appointed locally in the Hydro group


Manfred Kaschner 

Legal entities covered: 

  • Hydro Extrusion Nenzing GmbH, Nenzing
  • Hydro Components Nenzing GmbH, Nenzing


Maximilian Mertin

Legal entities covered: 

  • Hydro Aluminium Deutschland GmbH
  • Hydro Aluminium Gießerei Rackwitz GmbH
  • Hydro Aluminium High Purity GmbH
  • Hydro Aluminium Recycling Deutschland GmbH
  • Hydro Building Systems Coating GmbH
  • Hydro Building Systems Extrusion GmbH
  • Hydro Building Systems Germany GmbH
  • Hydro Extrusion Deutschland GmbH
  • Hydro Extrusion Offenburg GmbH
  • Hydro Holding Offenburg GmbH


Lawrence Gomes King

Legal entities covered:

  • ALBRAS - Alumínio Brasileiro S.A.
  • Alunorte - Alumina do Norte do Brasil S.A.
  • Mineração Paragominas S.A.
  • Norsk Hydro Brasil LTDA.

Thiago Rodrigues Veloso Costa

Legal entities covered:

  • Hydro Extrusion Brasil S.A.

Stella Cabreira

Legal entities covered:

  • Hydro Energia Ltda.