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Our technical office

Hydro Extrusions France has set up for its four plants, a dedicated and unique service for the development of your projects and the optimization of your extruded aluminium solutions: the Technical Office France, your partner from the design phase of your product.

Notre bureau technique

Our design support solution

Since all your projects are different, we also provide different types of support depending on your needs. From the lightest to the most complete level, the Technical Office helps you turn all your ideas into unique and successful projects.

Level 1

  • 2D studies
  • Existing plans
  • Optimization of the profile section
  • Finalization of the profile (clipping for instance)
  • Verification of assemblies according to the information provided

Level 2

  • 3D study
  • Existing plans
  • Optimization of the profile and addition of new functions
  • Study of the piece in its environment
  • Optimization of machining, welding operations, etc ... in order to adapt the section of the profile to these operations

Level 3

  • No plans
  • Development of profiles and optimization of assemblies according to specifications
  • Establishment of a service agreement
  • Eco-design help