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In order to help us comply with the hygiene measures declared by the government, our development team has designed several solutions to limit contact with everyday objects.

First of all, we introduce you to a door opener: it is an object that allows you to open a door without having to touch the handle with your hand. Simply attach the door opener to the handle and open it with your forearm. As you can see in the photos below this object can be fixed on different types of door handles, both indoors and outdoors. In order to make the solution as versatile as possible, we have opted for a clamp that is easy to buy and adaptable to the type of handle.

Many solutions have been developed for interior doors but few for public places. With this product, we wish to accompany all the players who have reopened their establishments. The use of the aluminium door opener is therefore recommended for the following public place doors:

  • Handle type marshal's baton
  • Shark fin type handle

This item can also be used on fairly light interior door handles.

Poignée en aluminium extrudé

Here is the manufacturing process of our opener:

Die creation - Extrusion - Cutting - Machining - Powder coating


How about a mobile version?

Our team has also developed a hook-shaped solution to equip each of our employees. Its function is similar to the door opener since it does not have direct contact with the handle: it temporarily hooks onto the handle in question. In addition to this, we have integrated a function that allows you to tap on a terminal, an elevator button, etc.

Crochet aluminium sans contact

Its format offers the possibility of integrating it into a key ring, thus facilitating its transport and use in public places.

Here is the manufacturing process of our hook:

Die creation - Extrusion Cutting - Powder coating


The synergy of our extrusion plants, both in terms of production possibilities and additional services, allows the creation of useful and functional products. Added to our reactivity, we are able to offer delivery times adapted to your needs.

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