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Thermal break

Thermal break, also called barrage or crimping, is a thermal insulation technique between conductive materials.

Profilé en aluminium extrudé et barretté

Aluminum joinery

Barrettage, crimping or RPT consists in assembling several independent aluminum profiles thanks to one or more insulating bars, generally in polyamide. This insulating strip system is called thermal break.

Barrage thermal break is an insulation technique used on aluminum joinery because it limits condensation and the feeling of cold or hot from one side to the other of the final assembly. The principle is simple: a non-conductive material is placed between the interior and exterior aluminum profiles to reduce reciprocal temperature exchanges.

The process

The Thermal Bridge Breaking process is characterized by three distinct stages:

  • Notching: Necessary to avoid slipping of the bars
  • Assembly: Threading bars on aluminum profiles
  • Crimping: Solidarity of the whole

This process makes it possible to combine aluminum profiles of different finishes (powder-coated and anodized). We call this process bicolouring.

On request, products can be subject to the use rights of the QB 49 trademark.

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