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Our standards

At Hydro Extrusion France, most of our profiles are designed according to the specific needs of our customers, because a single product requires one or more profiles adapted to your design. But some projects only involve common geometries. This is why, in this catalogue, we provide you with our standard aluminium profiles. When you are clicking on the link button below, all you have to do is fill in the form and sign up to our news. You can easily unsubscribe.​

barre carrée barre hexagonale barre ronde
Rectangular bar Hexagonal bar Round bar
cornière méplat profil en I
Angle Flat bar I-bar 
profils_t-01.png profil en U profil en z
T-bar U-bar Z-bar
tube carré tube hexagonal Tube ovale
Square tube  Hexagonal tube  Oval tube
tube_rectangulaire2.png tube rond Tube rectangulaire pour cloisons
 Rectangular tube  Round tube Rectangular tube with wall(s)
Plat boudin    
Bulb flat bar    


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