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Our sustainable solutions in extruded aluminium

Today, we need to develop solutions that are more environmentally friendly and, in particular, that emit less carbon. Sooner or later, your customers will demand this. Why wait then?

Notre presse d'extrusion à Puget

Why aluminium extrusion?

Every day, we strive to make aluminium part of the solution to the great challenges of our time, such as climate change. Because we are present across the entire aluminium value chain, we have advantages that other companies in the global market cannot offer. Using aluminium means working with a strong, lightweight and recyclable material while having endless design possibilities for your solution using extrusion.

Support from the design phase

We assist you in the development and industrialization phases. To face future environmental challenges, we must work together as early as possible in your projects. Together, we can produce more with less by working together more closely.

To learn more about our sustainable solutions, click on the links below:

De l'extrusion à la solution, Hydro Extrusions France votre interlocuteur unique

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