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Hydro RESTORE is a range of aluminium products made from a combination of recycled pre-consumer scrap, recycled post-consumer scrap and primary aluminium.


Even the most advanced aluminium manufacturing generates scrap. This pre-consumer scrap is a natural consequence of the production process. Hydro is continuously working to reduce the creation of scrap by optimizing manufacturing processes and working closely with customers to design applications that generate less scrap. Some pre-consumer scrap will always be inevitable, though.

Hydro collects pre-consumer scrap from its own facilities and from customers for recycling. Once collected, it is brought to one of Hydro’s numerous recycling operations, where it is melted and cast into ingot, so it can return as input-material for use in new products. In this way, waste is minimized and valuable aluminium returns to the production process.

In addition to pre-consumer scrap, Hydro RESTORE contains post-consumer scrap and primary aluminium. Post-consumer scrap has already lived a “life” – as a window frame, automotive wheel, or a beverage can – and now it has been recycled to be turned into something new. The small amount of primary aluminium in Hydro RESTORE enables fine control of the alloy composition and mechanical properties of the aluminium.

Hydro RESTORE can be used in the full range of aluminium products, such as cars, trains, furniture, electronics, ships, buildings, facades, windows, doors, and much more.