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The Hydro Building Systems France group is required to publish, on March 1, 2022, the score obtained within the framework of the index of professional equality between men and women, one of the provisions introduced by the law "For the freedom to choose his professional future” of September 05, 2018.

Thanks to its dynamic diversity and equal treatment policy, Hydro Building Systems France achieved a score of 83 points out of 100.

This score, which is 2 points higher than last year, testifies to continuous improvement actions framed by a company agreement on professional equality signed and monitored by the social partners.

Aware that this is a major challenge for society, Hydro Building Systems France aims to continue to progress, particularly in the recruitment of new talent in professions where women are still underrepresented.

The Hydro Building Systems group has set itself several objectives with the aim of achieving a score of 85/100 by 2023. The objectives are as follows:

  • Continue to carry out actions in terms of professional equality F/M
  • Achieve an F/M pay gap equal to 5%
  • Count 2 women among the 10 highest earners in the group

On March 1, 2022, Hydro Extrusion France sites are also publishing their respective indexes. Unfortunately, their indicators are incalculable due to the composition of their workforce.

Hydro Extrusion France has always been committed to ensuring respect for the principle of professional equality between women and men in all aspects of professional life. In this context, Management and Unions are particularly committed through the negotiation of company agreements.

The feminization of workshops is a major challenge in their Human Resources policy in order to move towards a more balanced representation of Women and Men. Similarly, equality in terms of hiring, training, remuneration and working conditions is also part of this approach.

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The index for Hydro Extrusions France sites are also available on the French production site pages and updated every year.

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