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Join us at Metef

Hydro is making its mark at the Metef aluminium trade fair at the Garda Exhibition Centre in Brescia, Italy, from April 14 to 17.

More than 500 companies will exhibit and more than 20,000 international visitors are expected during the four days of the exhibition.

“Our main focus will be on meeting new and existing customers and Hydro will be present with representatives from Metal Markets and Extruded Products,” says Gianni Valsecchi, head of Hydro’s sales office in Milan.

Hydro's 140-square-meter stand shows off the company’s green profile. In addition, the company is highlighting the new Qatalum aluminium smelter, which will officially be opened on 12 April.

The exhibitions are arranged every other year and Hydro has taken part since the start in 1997.

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