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Special Projects Department

Hydro Extrusion France set up a personalized support service to help you in the creation of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions, throughout your projects.

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The Special Projetcs Department (SPD) is at your disposal from the conception phase of your product. This department works alongside design offices, but also in close collaboration with the various departements of the partner company. 

"Extrusion to Solution"

The primary goal of the SPD is the development of your projects. By finding the most optimized solution to your extruded aluminium profiles, we make them as sustainable as possible. Our team works with tools dedicated to the development of intelligent solutions but also to realize the pricing and handle the management of technical cases. 

All projects are different. We can provide different types of support depending on your specific needs on each project. From the lightest level to the most complete, the SPD assists you to turn all you ideas into unique and successful projects. 

An Optim'Al service

Optim'Al : Level 1

  • 2D study
  • Existing plans
  • Profile section optimization
  • Profile finalization (example : clipping)
  • Verification of the assembled-kit according to the information communicated by the client

Optim'Al : Level 2 

  • 3D study 
  • Existing plans
  • Profile optimization and addition of new functions
  • Analysis of the profile in its environment
  • Optimization of machining, welding, painting performance, etc... in order to adapt the profile section to these operations 

Optim'Al : Level 3

  • No plans
  • Profile development and optimization of the assembled-kit according to the specifications
  • Establishment of a service agreement
  • Eco-design support