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Innovation & Technology (I&T) is Hydro Extrusions Corporate Research and Development (R&D) Group. An important aspect of I&T's function is to build awareness and share knowledge of aluminum and it's alloys, properties, use and its applicability.

I&T's engineers and specialists offer aluminum knowledge and expertise within alloy composition and process parameters. Our laboratories possess advanced equipment for a wide range of measurements in support of materials- and other technical research. I&T is managing development projects together with other Hydro Extrusions units and their customers. In some cases this is in collaboration with universities and research institutes, sometimes as part of national and international research and development programs.

I&T also perform short term service assignments, which usually involve chemical analysis, microstructure analysis or mechanical testing. In some instances I&T provides advice on material selection, design, joining, surface treatment, recycling etc. I&T does not manufacture or develop its own products. Methods utilized by I&T are based on national and international standards, or developed in a dialogue with our customers.

A fantastic opportunity to experience innovation at your own pace

Have you ever wondered how we develop our work with aluminium? Then this is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience our Innovation & Technology center.

Walk around in our facility from the comfort of your own home or office. Here you can walk, look and listen to our experts while they tell you about our work, processes and possibilities at Innovation & Technology.

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