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The city located in the northern of Pará state is home to an important part of Hydro's operations in Brazil. In Barcarena, the bauxite from Paragominas and Trombetas is refined into alumina at our refinery, Alunorte, and after, it turns into primary aluminium, at Albras.

Ship on the Vila do Conde Port. Alunorte refinery is behind.
Vila do Conde port is the main outlet of Hydro's alumina and aluminium production

Barcarena is an important industrial center, where aluminium, kaolin, fertilizers are located, as well as the largest port of Pará: Vila do Conde. It is in Barcarena that we refine bauxite to produce our alumina and where we make primary aluminium.

The local economy still has a strong presence of family farming, while tourism growns with river beaches and the typical islands of the Amazon region.

Units in Barcarena