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Aluminium Welding

We have a long history of development of welded aluminium products from a wide range of market sectors. The highly skilled and experienced aluminium welders are involved with the customer at the early stages of the design of new profiles or on established products to value engineer the process to meet customer requirements.

Welded aluminium

At Hydro Fabrication in the UK, our welding services are carried out in accordance with BS EN 1011 parts 1 & 4. Our welders are approved to BS EN 9606-2 to cover the range of procedure approvals


Hydro Fabrication have welders trained to level 2 in Visual and Penetrant Inspection in accordance with BS EN ISO 9712 through British Institute of None Destructive Testing.

During the production stages the following standards can be applied following development and agreement with customers to meet their requirements:

  • Penetrant Testing to BS EN ISO 3452 – 1.
  • Visual Inspection to BS EN ISO 17637.

Tungsten Inert Gas Coded Welding (TIG Welding)

Tungsten Inert Gas welding uses non-consumable tungsten shielded with an inert gas, to join two aluminium components together. The tungsten electrode provides the charge to create the weld pool, but not the filler, for the welding process. The filler is added as a manual process during the operation. The Aluminium TIG welding process is very clean, with reduced fumes, sparks, and containments producing a more aesthetic weld.

The overall benefits are

  • High cosmetic finish due to minimal contamination
  • Process thin gauge material efficiently
  • High control of process
  • High precision of weld

Welding aluminium

Metal Inert Gas Aluminium Coded Welding (MIG Welding)

Metal Inert Gas welding process joins two aluminium components together with a consumable wire charged with an electrode current. A wire passes through the welding gun (torch) at the same time as a flow of inert gas. The inert gas shields the weld area and electrode from contaminants.

The overview of the benefits are

  • Comparable low-cost solution
  • Higher speed of process
  • Used for difficult to access areas
  • Process heavy gauge material
  • Quick setup time

Welding accreditations

  • BS EN ISO 9606-2:2004
  • Externally verified customer standards