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Engineering the future, lightweighting our planet

Hydro's rolled aluminium products can help you engineer smarter products while lightweighting our planet.

large roll of aluminium

A leader

We are a leading manufacturer of advanced rolled aluminium products, supplying around 1 million tons per year – and recycling products for next use. Our success relies on the strong network of 4,000 skilled and capable employees in facilities in Germany and Norway and service teams in Europe, the Americas and Asia. 

Lightweighting our planet

We shape the future with deep respect for people and our planet. We want our aluminium to be a key building block of modern society, lightening our climate footprint through technological development and innovative solutions. 

Developing solutions together

We have more than a century of experience manufacturing rolled aluminium products and solutions. Deep technical knowledge and the ability to bring that knowledge to the customer are our core strengths. Building on open and proactive communication, we also develop solutions together with our partners.

We are proud to have as customers some of the most well-known brands, both in the automotive industry and in packaging, printing, engineering, building and construction. Every day, we prove our promise: To be the best at both quality and service.