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Rolled aluminium products are helping e-mobility become reality

Electric mobility is expanding rapidly worldwide with the pace of growth exceeding all expectations. It represents part of a sustainable transport infrastructure for the future.

electrical car prototype

By the electrification of the automotive and other industries, the energy and transport sector will undergo great upheavals. Higher and quicker uptake requires joint efforts of all stakeholders like automotive OEMs, tier suppliers, battery companies and the energy and infrastructure providers.

The versatility of aluminium, which is characterized by low density, high conductivity, recycling capability, formability and corrosion resistance, enables a progressive development of solutions regarding e-mobility, from Li-ion batteries to lightweight design in body-in-white applications. In addition to material solutions for body-in-white, Hydro has developed aluminium-based material concepts to enable the technical implementation of different levels of battery technology from cathode foil to cell housing, up to integrated solutions for thermal management and battery modules.

Solution for e-mobility components

We offer material solutions for different e-mobility components:

  • Cell – materials for cathode-foil, cell cover, cell pole, cell tabs, cell housing
  • Module – materials for busbars and cell contacting system, module housing
  • Pack – materials for battery boxes, EMV shielding, cooling
  • Battery integration – aluminum for combinations with thermoplastics, glass fibre for light weight solutions for battery systems and structures

Our flat-rolled aluminium products, starting from thin foils for cathodes and ranging up to thick plates for battery housing, offers an optimal combination of different properties and potential for components in battery systems. They help to build lighter zero-emission vehicles and are excellent for subsequent fabrication.

Our high-precision semis guarantee efficiency and performance in your manufacturing processes and offer recycling possibilities at the end of the vehicle's life.


We have turned the corner into a new transport paradigm of electric mobility. Learn how aluminium can contribute to make lighter, safer and greener electric vehicles.

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