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Structural aluminium parts for a safer body in white

Excellent energy absorption is one of the properties that carmakers, and insurance companies, value in our structural aluminium applications. We can make your car safer.

Unibody Car Chassis

World-class aluminium solutions for automotive

We provide OEMs and their top-tier suppliers with everything from semi-finished profiles to ready-to-build solutions for the chassis. Rolled and extruded products are used in structural assemblies to trim-finished components, from simple shapes to highly complex intricate sections.

Multi-functional chassis parts can be extruded to incorporate features such as channels for wiring or sections to attach to body panels.

Integrating aluminium components in the structural part of the car makes it possible to reduce part counts and assembly costs and lessen weight by as much as 30 percent compared to a steel structure. Also, aluminium is fully recyclable.

The fewer parts used in an aluminum frame, the stronger the frame will be.

Advanced body in white aluminium components

Light vehicles need a body structure that is rigid, to support weight and stress and to securely tie together all the components. Aluminium is well-suited for structural parts such as frames and sub-frames, impact beams and bumpers, and crash boxes – or crush cans, depending on where you live.

You can count on support from our global engineering team. They will also help you identify the aluminium alloy best suited for your body-in-white application.