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Hydro Extrusions Kuppam

Hydro Extrusion Kuppam, India plant
Hydro Extrusions plant in Kuppam

We offer customers high class aluminium solutions for Heat Exchangers, Automotive applications and HVACR. We also supply customers in other industries including building & construction.

Why choose aluminium for cars and vehicles?

Excellent energy absorption is one of the properties that carmakers, and insurance companies, value in Hydro’s range of aluminium specifically designed for cars and the automotive industry. Aluminium from Hydro can make your vehicles safer.

Using aluminium for a car’s structure can lessen weight by as much as 30% compared to steel. As aluminium is fully recyclable, a large percentage of the car of the future could be made from 100% recycled aluminium, a truly sustainable vehicle.

Hydro designs and manufactures aluminium components for all passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Components and systems include:



255, 257, 279 Industrial Park C-Block, Kuppam

517425 Kuppam


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