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Hydro Extrusions Ghlin

The recycling of manufacturing and turnaround aluminium scrap gets more and more important within the extrusion industry.

The remelt plant in Ghlin with its own windmill
The remelt plant in Ghlin with its own windmill

Did you know?

Hydro Extrusion Ghlin is belonging to our closely cooperating extrusion plants in the Benelux. Ghlin's casthouse ensures significantly that the production of our aluminum profiles meet current environmental requirements.

Recycling of aluminium with a minimized footprint.

Our remelt plant in Ghlin faced up to the environmental challenges and is on the best way to become CO2 neutral.

Investments in solar cells, as well as in the last generation multi-chamber furnace has already reduced the energy consumption and environmental impact of Ghlin’s casthouse significantly.

But in Ghlin, they go even greener by producing their own energy thanks to a windmill, installed on the production site in 2019 and the energy consumption was reduced by 65% ! And a second windmill is already in planification.

In this way, the recycling unit in Ghlin is able to produce aluminium billets with a consequently minimized footprint and the aim is to recylcle CO2-neutral in a near future.


Rue des Ayettes 12

7011 Ghlin


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