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Hydro Aluminium Metal Høyanger

Hydro's plant in Høyanger started production in 1918 as one of the first primary aluminium plants in Norway

Aerrial photo of Høyanger

Facts about Hydro Høyanger

  • Number of employees: 156
  • Production start: 1917
  • Annual production: 64.000 tonnes primary aluminium and 117.000 tonnes casthouse products
  • Products/Speciality: Primary aluminium and casthouse products


The plant has one prebake line. We also have a casthouse at Høyanger, delivering sheet ingot.


Hydro Aluminium a.s. Høyanger

P.O.Box 114

N-6991 Høyanger


Visitor information

Primary aluminium and casthouse products
+47-57 71 50 05
+47-57 71 50 00