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EmBarca Amazônia 360

EmBarca seeks to strengthen and enable local youth to be socio-environmental entrepreneurs in their own communities, with the purpose of them contributing to sustainable development in the region.


EmBarca Amazônia 360 is a program that seeks to strengthen and enable young people, age 18 to 29, to be socio-environmental entrepreneurs. The purpose is form them to become capable of contributing to sustainable development of Barcarena and Abaetetuba, municipalities in northern Brazil, where we have operations. The project aims to identify and leverage sustainable business ideas in the region, with an emphasis on forest resources and biodiversity.

The program is divided into three phases:

  1. Conduct three entrepreneurial workshops to identify ideas targeted at the Amazon, Barcarena and Abaetetuba region that can be used as business opportunities for young people
  2. Conduct a field course for "ideation" that allows young people to acquire knowledge of forestry, agroforestry, biodiversity, creative economy and business opportunities
  3. Conduct a “Demo Day” event where young people can present their business models to a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem group (teaching and research institutions, credit institutions, investors, entrepreneurs, among others).

The total objective of the program is:

  • To train and build capacity for 300 young people in entrepreneurial education through the entrepreneurial workshops
  • To train 45 young people in the “ideation” field course
  • To present 10 sustainable business ideas formulated by the 45 participants on “Demo Day”
  • To finally select 3 winning teams


  • Trigger young people’s interest in entrepreneurship
  • Support the development of sustainable business ideas
  • Encourage the participation of young entrepreneurs in events and challenges of entrepreneurship existing in the Amazon

Number reached

In 2018, 75 young people participated in the entrepreneurial workshops. 15 volunteers were trained to be mentors.

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