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When made in Italy design meet the aluminium made by Hydro

Pratic chose Hydro to design bioclimatic pergolas with a concrete idea of sustainability in mind

Pratic's idea of creating a pergola that would allow people to enjoy the outdoors with a new level of comfort was born about ten years ago, alongside the already existing and consolidated production of sunshades. Thanks to intense work, which has always kept the design, technology, and sustainability together, collections of aesthetically perfect, functional, and truly comfortable bioclimatic pergolas have been created.

The sustainability of materials is a key topic, as each pergola is made of aluminum, steel, textiles, plastic, and glass - elements that can be separated and recycled. 

If initially, the pergola was a way of protection from the sun, over time we have moved on to structures that allow us to experience and enhance outdoor living. This revolution has been joined by a further revolution with the arrival of bioclimatic pergolas, which today adorn gardens as well as metropolitan rooftops. 

Of course, all this would not be possible without the essential "key factors": made in Italy, quality, minimal design, innovation, and research and development.

The "living" space of a bioclimatic pergola is flexible and the construction characteristics are such as to allow the multiplication of modules, without affecting either aesthetics or safety. The sides of the Pratic pergola can be screened by hyper-technological sunshade with varying degrees of filtering capacity and closed by sliding glass panels that are wind and rainproof. 

But it is by looking upwards that the bioclimatic pergola shows its full green soul, thanks to the sunshade blades that make up the roof: made of aluminum, they can be oriented from zero to 140 degrees or retracted until they compact into a small space, and allow natural regulation of light, heat, and ventilation.
In just a few years, the Pratic bioclimatic pergola has become a best seller for private and public spaces, conquering the and contract sectors. 

Sustainability in the manufacture of Pratic products is central and will remain so. All products are designed to last and, at the end of their cycle, to be easily separated and sent to recycling. The headquarters itself is energy self-sufficient and houses a painting plant that is exceptionally advanced in terms of its design principles and its interaction with the environment: this means extremely high-performance powders, resistant to the most impactful external agents, and at the same time zero impact with over 97% recovered waste.

The starting idea: to make pergola design functional and sustainable 

Pratic's collaboration with Hydro began at the same time as this important change of pace: in 2012 Pratic introduced the company as one of the partners selected to manufacture its pergolas with PVC roofing. 

A shared growth, which led in 2014 to the design of the first bioclimatic, equipped with aluminum sunshade blades, and which continues today through highly innovative projects such as the Brera pergola, with a retractable cover, also in aluminum, and the Set platform, which solves the recurring problems of sloping or uneven ground.
Except for the first wooden-framed canopies, Pratic's solutions have always featured lightweight aluminum structures: a material that is easy to work within the production phase and that guarantees extremely high-quality performance, as it is not subject to deterioration or oxidation.

Even when exposed to the most difficult weather conditions, therefore, Pratic awnings and pergolas maintain their functionality and aesthetic performance intact.

The choice of aluminum also extends the life of the product even after its disposal, as it is 100% separable, reusable, and recyclable. 

Pratic-sede-verniciatura def.jpg

A ten-years-old partnership

For almost ten years, the collaboration between Pratic and Hydro has been distinguished by the mutual exchange of ideas and the shared search for highly customized technical and design solutions.
For each Pratic innovation, the best possible applications in terms of extrusion technology are studied, always counting on the great experience and unfailing support of Hydro's technical departments. The sharing of knowledge also continues through theoretical refresher courses and factory visits, which fuel the benefits of the partnership between the two companies.

Find out more about the company Pratic:
Pratic Spa was established in 1960 in Fagagna, in the province of Udine, and is at the top international level in the design of bioclimatic pergolas and designer blinds.
Led by the Orioli family, the company has revolutionized the concept of solar coverings, bringing Italian design to structures that in the past were only used as shelter from the sun.
Today, Pratic's success is reflected in ambitious outdoor projects for the residential and hospitality sectors.
Pratic employs 230 people who work in its headquarters in the hills of Friuli: 20,000 square meters of pure design and environmental sustainability.

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