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Scoprega, always oriented to innovation, chooses Hydro CIRCAL for its products

“Look beyond”, not a simple motto but a strategic direction.

We took the opportunity to know more closely the reality of SCOPREGA interviewing directly the president, Eng. Artemio Affaticati.

“Look beyond” represents our vision: to look beyond, aiming to constantly improve our products and their production techniques. The optimization of the production process is always combined with eco-sustainability so we are moving in the direction of energy-saving and the increasing use of low-emission recycled materials. – says Eng. Artemio Affaticati, president of Scoprega.

The company, in its early years, focused mainly on plastic molding but evolved rapidly. The high demand for valves inflators was the opportunity to enter the nautical and aquatic sports sector.
The valves are followed by oars and paddles, then pedal inflators, later hand inflators, and in the 90s electric inflators, today Group’s core business.

A successful collaboration with a focus on material substitution

The product, initially made in plastic, was launched in 2015 and it is a manual inflator at double or single effect.
It was initially made and commercialized with plastic parts for a weight of 890 g and aluminum parts for a weight of 320 g.

Afterward, thanks to the collaboration with Hydro Extrusion Italy, the idea triggered a new project that would also include a material substitution process and, therefore, creating a lighter inflator while respecting the efficiency standards of current technology.

A team of engineers developed it in-house and made it unique for two aspects:

  • Efficiency: recognized on the market as one of the best inflators.
  • Innovation: it was the first manual inflator to have a fixed delivery port.

“We mentioned before the plastic, used to produce some parts of the product. The attention of Scoprega is focused on sustainability, as it is the factor most perceived by the final consumer, who is aware of the polluting aspects of this material. In recent years partly as a result of the growing attention about the green transition, a practice called “Greenwashing” has spread internationally, where all products pretend to have a green aspect although they haven’t. Plastic, also the recycled one, has however a higher carbon footprint than in certain metals. And therefore, to reduce the amount of plastic used is the only way to sustainability.”  says Eng. Artemio Affaticati, president of Scoprega.

For these reasons the company chose to review the product’s engineering and above all chose Hydro Extrusion Italy to study a solution with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Hydro CIRCAL: a choice that emphasizes the strategic direction of the company

With this project, the weight of parts already made of aluminum has been reduced while the main body, which until now was made of ABS, is being replaced by an extruded profile with considerable advantages, first of all, the complete revision of the assembly cycle.

The current assembly cycle involves the use of adhesives between the main parts (foot and body inflator) and between the body itself and a header insertion collar. With the extrusion of aluminum, drying times are avoided given that the assembly will be done with the insertion of simple screws. Besides, these are operations that can also be automated, further speeding up the production process.

What advantage do you see in working with Hydro?

“The real advantage obtained is the reduction of assembly times, recycling at lower costs than other materials, and with less environmental impact than that required by the recycling operations of plastic materials. The strategic choice of using Hydro Circal not only fits perfectly with the new company policy increasingly focused on sustainability but doesn’t alter any performance capacity of the extruded profile either. Hydro, market leader, has all the technical skills to optimize their extruded profiles.” says Eng. Artemio Affaticati, president of Scoprega.

Find out more about Scoprega
Scoprega, since 1979, designs, realizes and commercializes accessory products for the nautical and aquatic sports sector around the world. The continuous investments in new technologies always driven by care and respect for the environment have led them over time to differentiate their business and, to date, we can define it among the world leaders in the production of electric, hand and pedal inflators, oars, and paddles, inflation valves, and accessories for boating.

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