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From extrusions to applications - Designing smart aluminium profiles

Our passion is to get the best out of aluminium: a high-performance, innovative metal that is flexible and infinitely recyclable. Its superior properties in terms of workability, lightness, and strength make it the perfect material for almost any challenge, large or small. In addition, it can be extruded into almost any shape, offering endless application opportunities. We know this and we are ready to lead the market in this direction. But that is not all.


This is why we at Hydro Extrusion Italy have decided to launch a webinar session dedicated to our greatest passion: aluminium.
We will take a journey together through the infinite possibilities that extruded profiles offer for every imaginable application. The webinars are intended to inspire and help when it is time to design new applications for sustainable products.

Are you curious?

Let's get started...

Aluminium: how much do you know it? Let's start with the basics: alloys and properties

When? 02/12/2021 at 4.00 pm

In this first session, we will discuss, from a technical point of view, the alloys and properties of aluminium in order to identify the right alloy for each profile.

Extruded aluminium: the process where it all begins

When? 16/02/2022 at 4.30pm

The second session will explore 

  • The extrusion process

Dies for extrusion

When? 24/05/2022

An inside look into the world of extrusion dies: where everything takes shape. 

Designing with aluminium: guidelines

When? Q3

Do you have a new project in mind and would like to use aluminium? Follow this session on design. We'll give you the ideas you need to start designing with our aluminium.

What are the most common machining operations on aluminium?

When? Q4 - 2022

Surface treatments - functional aesthetics

When? Q1-2023

Coming soon...

Sharing knowledge

Learn more about the possibilities that aluminium offers for the development of innovative and green solutions.

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