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Alunorte Rain Forest teams primed for Norway Cup

Since 2001, thousands of Brazilian youngsters have participated in a Hydro-sponsored educational-sports program leading to the Norway Cup soccer tournament. The 2017 teams are in Oslo, ready for action.


The boys and girl’s teams are made up of 36 teens from Pará State, where the company owns Hydro Alunorte alumina refinery, in Barcarena.

They are in the program “Educação pra Gente” (Education for the People), which motivates students to have a good behavior and to participate in school activities, and a chance to go to the Norway Cup is a big treat for those who qualify. This year, the players are drawn from 17 schools in the Barcarena district.

In Oslo, the students will have a cultural exchange which includes a visit to the Nobel Peace Center and conduct research about violence in school. The knowledge acquired will be shared with the other students in Barcarena once they return from the trip.

The boys team is scheduled to play July 30-31 and August 1 against Norwegian teams from Lillestrøm, Abildsø and Sunndal (where Hydro has a primary aluminium plant).

The girls team plays July 30-31 against Nora Neset, Nesodden IF and Molde FK.

The group winners will advance to the playoffs later in the week.

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