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Hydro Extrusion La Selva

In La Selva del Camp (Tarragona), Hydro has a plant specialized in micro-extrusion. These are small profiles that provide great solutions for difficult and critical profile parts, keeping high surface quality.

Hydro Extrusions La Selva entrance
Welcome to Hydro La Selva

La Selva at a glance

  • 2 Presses (1.370 and 1.570 MT)
  • Specialty in microextrusion and precision profiles.
  • Extrusion of aluminum profiles (from 30 gr / m), precision cutting, machining.
  • ASI certification, commitment to sustainability.


Hydro Extrusions La Selva offers aluminium solutions for automotive, furniture, lighting, heat sinks and a wide variety of industrial applications.

It has two presses, 1.370 and 1.570 MT which make possible to supply small-sized profiles with extremely high precision. The extrusion possibilities for difficult sections, strict tolerances, critical tongues, etc., while maintaining a high surface quality, make La Selva a very special plant.

With a clear orientation to the customer and their needs, La Selva makes all its resources and logistical capacity available to serve the national market and anywhere in Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France...).

Do you need more than aluminum profiles?

La Selva provides precision cuts, machining and CNC operations, with the possibility of applying surface treatments such as painting or anodizing. Our technical department supports our clients throughout the production process, from the design of the profile to the finished part.

Our testing laboratory ensures 100% traceability of our products and compliance with the most demanding quality requirements.

multiport precision tubes in aluminium

Products and services in Hydro Extrusions La Selva are certified:
ISO 9001: Quality in our products and processes
ISO 14001: committed to the environment
DAP: environmental product declaration

Hydro Extrusions La Selva also has the ASI (Aluminum Stewardship Initiative) certification, the highest internationally recognized standard for the evaluation of good practices related to sustainability. More sustainable and socially responsible products, available to our customers.


Hydro Extrusion Spain S.A.U.

Planta de La Selva

Pl Millenium, Avda del Aluminio, s/n

43470 Tarragona La Selva del Camp , Spain

+34 977 30 70 01
+34 977 30 70 00