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High purity aluminium for electronics and advanced technologies

We offer the highest quality standards in close cooperation with our customers and offer you made-to-measure solutions to fit your individual requirements.

high purity aluminium

Application areas

  • Sputtering targets for semiconductor chip production
  • Sputtering targets for flat panel display production
  • Vacuum evaporation materials for advanced thin film applications
  • Super high purity alumina for battery application
  • Super high purity alumina for LED chip production
  • Bright finish and decorative use

Product details

  • Purity ranges from 99.998 to 99.9999 per cent (4N8 to 5N5)
  • Slabs, typical size 460x1600x3000 mm, maximum casting length 6300 mm
  • Billets, typical size diameter 84 to 420 mm, maximum casting length 2800 mm
  • Ingots, typical ingot weight 120 kg
  • Pigs, typical pig weight 300 kg
  • Pyramids

For more detailed information on these products, please download our High Purity brochure, also available in Japanese.

Key Features

  • Super high purity
  • Extremely low impurity and trace element levels
  • Three-layer electrolysis combined with segregation refining technology


How we can help you

Our products are made-to-measure to your requirements and technical parameters, so that they can be integrated into the customer’s production process.

Relevant industries

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