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Foundry alloys for aluminium castings

To ensure consistent, high-quality metal, we use top-grade raw materials and apply best practices. Our foundry alloys are produced to meet individual customer specifications and in accordance with ISO, EN and JIS standards.

foundry alloys

Key features

  • Excellent castability
  • High and consistent metal quality
  • Low level of impurities and trace elements

Application areas

Automotive and transportation:

  • Wheels
  • Chassis components as brake parts, structural and suspension parts

  • Cylinder heads and engine blocks

Other applications:

  • Electrical applications
  • Decorative / anodized applications and/or where highest corrosion resistance is sought

Product details

Alloys are produced as continuous cast or mold cast ingots. The products are stacked and strapped into bundles of various sizes. Depending on the particular production source, our foundry alloy ingots are supplied in weights of 7-22 kg, and bundle weights can range from 700-1200 kg.

Frequently used alloy groups:

  • AlSi7Mg – alloys
  • AlSi9Mg – alloys
  • AlSi11(Mg) alloys
  • AlSi10MgMn alloys
  • AlSi5-9MgCu alloys

Other alloys that can be supplied are;

  • AlMg3 alloys
  • Al 99.5E, 99.7E (rotor alloys)

For more information, please download our Primary Foundry Alloy brochure below.

How we can help you

  • We offer standard alloys, but most of our alloys are produced according to individual customer specifications
  • We offer assistance in the optimization of existing alloy compositions and process parameters
  • Hydro’s R&D work focuses on the continuous improvement of conventional alloys as well as the development of new generation alloys
  • Regional market teams provide fast and professional customer service having competency within technical and commercial areas
  • Customer portal for improved services

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