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Aluminium profiles for solar mounting systems

Installers of solar energy systems rely on quick and easy installation, low assembly costs and flexibility. What you may not know is that extruded aluminium profiles make this possible.

Alu framed solar mounting panel .jpg

Save time and money with aluminium profiles 

Aluminium has the ideal properties for use in photovoltaic systems:  

  • It is sturdy yet also light, so the load on roofs and other surfaces is reduced 
  • It offers click-and-plug connections and a reduced number of individual parts and components, facilitating assembly as well as disassembly, fewer work steps and labor 
  • Its corrosion resistance ensures less maintenance and a longer service life for components 

The outstanding properties of aluminium can be further enhanced by various finishing or surface treatments, such as anodizing or powder coating. 

Black anodized solar mounting system

More sustainable and circular  

Hydro’s aluminium profiles are infinitely recyclable and can be remelted into new profiles at our recycling facilities. By supplying your project with low-carbon and recycled aluminium, we can support your work in reducing global emissions and creating a more circular economy. 

Our team of solar experts can support you with co-creation, feasibility studies, eco-design and technical assistance throughout the entire process. With our own shape optimizer, for example, we can help design your aluminium profiles in a way that they use as little material as possible.

Applications include:

  • Roof systems
  • Field systems
  • Storage systems
  • Heat sinks



Discover the possibilities of extruded aluminium profiles in solar mounting systems

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