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Smart solutions with small aluminium profiles

Consider using our precision aluminium extrusion and fabrication expertise to solve your most demanding micro applications. We know demanding products, and we know service.

Micro extrusions - small aluminum profiles
Micro extrusions - small aluminium profiles

Small profiles can create new possibilities

Small dimensions and small diameters can be challenging when designing products and applications. Your solution might be small aluminium profiles – micro extrusions.

We extrude functional and flexible aluminium profiles weighing no more than 15g/m, and providing high-precision tolerances from +/- 0.05 mm. Aside from that, small aluminium profiles are like other aluminium profiles, with surface treatment by anodizing or mechanical processing, and suitable for many applications.

You can also count on sensitive product handling, because we understand the value of safely transporting your small profiles in sustainable packaging solutions.

Flexible and functional for the circular economy

At our anodizing plants, we meet your needs by finishing small profiles in high-end quality. In the field of mechanical processing, we also support you in manufacturing the profile you desire. Need to connect to larger aluminium parts? OK. We can utilize Hydro EcoDesign, our new design approach to support a better circular economy. Our specialists are at your disposal.

Many benefits with small profiles

Small profiles are suitable for scores of applications and offer many benefits, such as small dimensions, light weight and high precision. Applications include:

  • Sensor and measurement technology
  • LED lighting
  • Furniture trims
  • Shower cubicles
  • Medical and laboratory technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Components for the building and automotive industries

Small aluminium profiles - micro extrusions

Small profiles - the more environmentally friendly solution

Using small profiles saves material and weight. Less weight means lower CO2 emissions during transport. Maybe even more ease in assembly. All this is good for the environment and good for your budget.

You can take another step toward the improved sustainability of your product by choosing our low-carbon and recycled aluminium offerings. We offer certified aluminium products with a transparent footprint – learn more on our low carbon and recycled offering!

Choosing Hydro also means choosing honest and responsible production of your products. All 42 of our production sites in Europe have been certified against the ASI Performance Standard, which sets the standard for responsible aluminium production. This means consistent transparency for you.

You will always know where your aluminium comes from.

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