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Hydro Extrusions Lichtervelde

With one of the biggest extrusion presses in Europe, our extrusion plant in Lichtervelde is specialized in extruding big, wide, strong and yet thin and light aluminium components.

Hydro Extrusion Lichtervelde, Die for BIG extruded profiles

Did you know?

Hydro Extrusion Lichtervelde is one of five closely cooperating extrusion plants in the Benelux.

Two aluminium casthouses are also belonging to our Benelux organization. They ensure significantly that the production of our aluminum profiles meet current environmental requirements.

Big & Wide, but still Lightweight

With a press force of 8200 tonnes we can increase the width of the profiles to

  • a full 620 mm wide,
  • a weight of 65 kg per meter
  • and up to 26 meters long.

Superior tolerances - Simplified design

Because of the specific high pressure, we can still make the profiles thin-walled. This helps create lightweight components and material savings.

Mechanical Fabrication

With our modern, advanced range of machinery all our profiles can be cut to lengths and deburred

We go even bigger with FSW

Friction Stir Welding is the technology par excellence for joining large structural extrusions into even bigger panels with an unlimitied maximum profile size.

Customized design or Standard profile?

Most of our profiles are customer-specific, because there is no standard solution for a specific problem.
But not every problem is so complex that only specially designed shapes bring the desired advantage.

In our standard-catalog you will find our most common standard profiles that are available to you.

Standard profiles - Big Extrusions.pdf

And that's not all!

Thanks to the coordinated cooperation between our extrusion factories in the Benelux, there are almost no limits to the development of new innovative aluminum solutions.


Kortemarkstraat 52

8810 Lichtervelde


+32 51 72 98 11