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It is available in two optical weights, Display and Text, used respectively in headlines and body copy throughout our visual identity. It offers excellent readability in both printed materials and digitally, and plays a major role in making our visual identity unique.

Supporting Ivar Hydro is the sans serif typeface Arial, which is universally available as a system font on Windows and Mac computers. 

variations of Ivar hydro and Arial
Ivar Hydro has been licensed for free use by all Hydro employees, and partners working on behalf of Hydro, across the globe.

Typographic hierarchy

When Ivar and Arial are combined and used according to our typographic hierarchy, they unify messaging and support brand recognition.

Italics for both Ivar and Arial may be used to highlight or emphasize something specific in the text. For greater flexibility, Ivar is also available in bold and bold italic.


Technical fallback

As mentioned, Arial is universally available and does not need a fallback solution. Ivar, on the other hand, is a retail typeface. If for some technical reason it cannot be used, the default fallback is Times New Roman. This is the system typeface that most closely resembles Ivar. When implementing Ivar as a web font, the fallback order should be Times New Roman, Times, Baskerville, Georgia, serif.

times new roman shown as fallback for ivar hydro font

Language fallback

Both Ivar and Arial have language support for all major Latin languages including Central and Eastern European. In addition, Arial supports Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Vietnamese and Arabic scripts. Using Times New Roman as a fallback for Ivar will expand language support to cover these languages as well. East Asian scripts need separate fallback fonts, and for these languages, Source Han Serif and Source Han Sansare recommended.

Any additional fallback solutions should be handled locally, as local designers that natively use the language in question will be best equipped to find suitable replacements. To avoid licensing issues, only use open source or freely available system fonts.

East Asian print in Source Han Serif font
Source Han Serif and Sans are open source and can be downloaded from Google Fonts or synced through Adobe Typekit. They are available for both print and web.

Download Ivar Hydro fonts