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Always in charge with out sustainable charging stations!

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Always in charge with our sustainable charging stations!

At Hydro we are convinced that aluminium is the metal of the future. This is why we integrate it in everyday solutions to take small steps that make a big difference. From now on, the visitors at our location in Drunen will be able to make use of our sustainable and modern solutions from the moment they arrive, as we are now introducing our innovative charging station!

Big solutions, small beginnings

On the 29th of September 2021, the charging stations were officially opened by none other than Paul Warton, Executive Vice President Extruded Solutions. In this custom-designed area you will find not just the innovative charging stations for electrical cars, but also Solar Poles – our light poles with integrated solar panels which provide the lantern with power.

Solid collaborations

What started out with the idea of encouraging electric driving, and by doing so, green energy within the company, has grown into a sustainable environment with two complete solutions. One of the solutions in the form of an electric charging station for which Hydro delivered the aluminium parts of the charging stations, the other in the form of sustainable Solar Poles which finalizes the sustainable area. Together they show the possibilities Hydro offers and the solid collaborations that are established. Collaborations with partners who, just like Hydro, value sustainability.

Together with Chargepoint Europe B.V., and Jazo Zevenaar B.V., the charging stations have been designed and placed. By doing so we join forces with a company that advocates the conversion from fossil fuels to renewable and clean energy sources. Furthermore, the Solar Poles are equipped with solar panels and thus provided with green energy by the collaboration with Sun Park Innovation. Thereby we offer two sustainable solutions in the greenest way possible.

Charging station

Benelux and beyond

At present the charging stations and Solar Poles can be found at the Hydro Extrusion location in Drunen, but looking into the future and further integrating sustainability throughout the company, these solutions will be implemented at all Hydro locations in the Benelux. 

Ben Mul, location manager of the Hydro location in Drunen comments: ‘Sustainability is a key focus within our company. This is a message we want to carry out from the gate. Not only will these charging stations be implemented at the Benelux locations, but they also serve as inspiration for Hydro Europe and beyond’.

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