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Cross Point security gates

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Cross Point gives security a sleek look with aluminium

With top products, good service and fast delivery times, Cross Point is in the premium segment in the field of security systems. Their little extra is aluminium.

Anodized aluminium and click connections

Look at their security gates, for instance. The gates are equipped with anodized aluminium profiles. Screwed connections are the exception, click connections the rule.

The anodization and click connections give the gates a smooth design. "We want a nice sleek look, that's why we choose aluminium,” says Cross Point logistics manager Martin Trip.

Cross Point profiles

Technical leadership with aluminium profiles

The Dutch company knows that its shopping public is not going to spend lots of time thinking about what is involved in the creation of a security gate. And that is just as well. Cross Point does all its development work in-house to devise complete security solutions. The company also has its own assembly lines.

Cross Point

Assembling the wiring for their solutions can be a challenge, because wiring is often fragile, but with aluminium profiles that do not contain sharp edges or burrs, Trip says this challenge can be avoided.

Cross Point utilizes Hydro’s expertise with aluminium to continuously improve the development of the security gates. One result of their collaboration was a 50 percent reduction in the weight of the profiles, with no loss in strength.

And with the same sleek look.

About Cross Point

Cross Point is a global player in the field of store security. With 35 employees and a dealer network, they have been selling solutions in the premium segment since 1995. Their ability to remotely access customer systems means that problems can be solved quickly. All connected systems have a three-year warranty.

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