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Benjamin Hus Ripel

Stories by Hydro

Meet Benjamin: ‘Colleagues who share experiences and help raise your skills’

Benjamin Hus Ripel, 25, finds Hydro an exciting global company with a focus on the environment and quality.


Rosendal, Norway, a little gem for the outdoor enthusiast, a half-hour drive from the plant.


When I chose my education, it was important for me to have more than one leg to stand on as well as being able to relate the theoretical to the practical in a good way. Four years at Fusa High School and in apprenticeship at Sør-Norge Aluminium, and after a while Hydro Husnes, gave me special study qualifications and a certificate as an industrial mechanic.

After two years of experience as an industrial mechanic, I took a two-year higher professional degree in mechanical engineering. At the moment, I am halfway through a bachelor's degree in Process Technology with specialization in process and energy, as an online student at UiT (The Arctic University of Norway) in Narvik. Hydro has supported me through my education.

Job and location

Industrial mechanic in the casthouse at the Hydro Husnes aluminium plant.


Perform preventive maintenance, corrective work and urgent tasks. Plan work for the upcoming weeks in my own area of ​​responsibility and coordinate with my team and the operators. We have a home guard program, where one is available for call-out outside normal working hours. I am also participating in improvement work and contribute to good HSE (health, safety and environment). We have varied days as technical maintenance personnel – and are known for being very flexible at the Hydro Husnes plant. These days there are a lot of exciting projects going on at the plant, in which we need to collaborate on in our working day. There will be a lot of new technology, which will be very interesting to get to know better.


Skilled colleagues who share experiences and help raise your skills. The continuous drive for improvement throughout the company. The possibilities. Early responsibility, support for further education, exploratory positions and stepping into new roles, to name a few.


Pleasant and competent colleagues make for social working days with good discussions. I am also a member of Hydro Young Professionals, which is a social network for young people in the company. Lunch and learn, courses and social happenings are some of the things that are arranged. A good way to socialize with like-minded people across the plant.


Since I started in Hydro as a 16-year-old almost 10 years ago, I have been involved in an incredible number of different tasks. I have had great growth professionally and as a person. The role as a safety representative has meant that I have been able to contribute more with the processing of HSE cases, helping with SJA (safe job analysis) and to a safe working environment. The Home Guard program has given me a lot of responsibility and challenges at all levels. Every time the phone rings there is a new challenge waiting to be solved, no matter what. In recent years, I have been a Hydro apprentice ambassador and been involved in recruiting new apprentices – a good experience!


I would recommend working in Hydro. It is an exciting global company with a focus on the environment and quality in all parts of the value chain. A good place for personal development, with good further education and career opportunities!

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