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a road with trees and street lights

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Passive safe aluminum poles along the innovative road N737

In the province of Overijssel, The Netherlands, aluminium passive safe poles are part of the innovative road N737. In the design and implementation of the project, attention was paid particularly to innovations and road safety.

The province of Overijssel has realized an ambitious dream with this project. A road that can adapt to the future. The climate, the way we look at mobility, how we transport ourselves, the way we treat our environment and the way technology is increasingly helping and replacing us, are changing rapidly. A road that can respond to this is ready for the future.

Safer roads with passive safe poles

Before the tender came on the market, market meetings took place to get insight in innovative ideas for the different parts of the infrastructure. Hydro attended the meetings and highlighted the character of aluminium passive safe poles. The right choice when it comes to safer roads.

a road with trees on the side

HE poles for uniformity and manageability

The province of Overijssel has been using aluminum passive safe light poles for 20 years. "We started with NE poles, then LE poles and since 2016 the province has been prescribing HE poles,” says Puck van Liere, Consultant Traffic Engineering & Traffic Technology for the Province of Overijssel. β€œThe reason why we prescribe HE poles is that in most cases there is always a risk of secondary accidents, because of the cycle paths and parallel roads along provincial roads and the presence of trees or ditches quite close to provincial roads. The standard is therefore HE poles for uniformity and manageability.”

An HE pole absorbs the energy released in a collision and significantly reduce the speed of the vehicle. The Hydro HE pole remains connected to the site, significantly reducing the risk to third parties or the risk of a secondary collision.

Expert in passive safety

Hydro has years of experience in the field of crash tests and is an active participant in the standard committee for passive safety. With this knowledge and experience, Hydro is a reliable advisor and a good sparring partner for its customers when it comes to making passive safe choices.

Whitepaper passive safe light poles and support structures

Since the introduction of the standard for passive safety, the EN 12767, it is possible to compare products (passive safe solutions) with each other. This document helps you to better understand the complex subject of passive safe light poles and other crash-friendly products, such as traffic signal poles and sign posts. The whitepaper will help you make a well-considered choice for passive safe poles. Sign up for our newsletter and get free access to the Whitepaper!

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